Why Should I Consign?
Make extra spending money! Who doesn't want some extra cash in their pockets!?!?
Declutter your closets/dressers, basements, and storage rooms of items folks still love but you know you will never use again. How freeing it is to declutter your living space! Ahhhhh!

Who Consigns And What Do They Bring?
Anyone can! If you are a shopper at the big department stores such as belks, dillards, and macy's or other nice brand shops such as coach, michael kors, brahmin, alter'd state, loft, j crew, j jill, soft surroundings, and other boutique style shops and you have gently used items that are still in style, and damage free, then you are who we are looking for! We carry clothing for men and women, accessories, home decor and furniture.

When Do I Consign?
We offer receiving by appointment only during the following times:
Tuesday and Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturdays are reserved for focusing on sales and furniture coming in or going out.
We do appreciate a courtesy call if you need to cancel your appointment as we have others waiting to consign.
If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, we will ask you to reschedule as it is only respectful to our next appointment.
Drop N Go Option
An appointment is still required; however, you may leave your items with us and we will review them right away, donating anything we feel is too used, dated or damaged. If it is sellable, we will sell it. It is that simple!
Please note: there is a one time $5 registration fee taken off of your first earnings.

How Do I Present My Consignment Items?
First thing to remember- 40 item limit per appointment all combined whether it is clothing, accessories, or home decor.
We can serve you and our customers best when we have a manageable amount to deal with and this gives others the chance to bring things in to sell as well.
Clothing- freshly laundered, smelling good, wrinkle and pet hair free. Hanging or folded 1 time and stacked in a laundry basket the day before your appointment.
(we will not accept items in a garbage bag.)

Home decor- in style, clean and ready to sell.

Furniture - we must see pictures of any furniture you are wanting to sell prior to consignment. You may email photos to smithandcoconsignment@gmail.com
We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you can answer the following questions when you email us, the process can go much faster.
1. Smoke free environment?
2. If upholstered, pet free?
3. Any damage of any kind not seen in photos?
4. How fast do you need these items removed from your space?
5. Are you able to deliver the items to our shop?
6. How much were you hoping to make from each item?
7. If you have the item posted for sale elsewhere, has that post been deleted before contacting us for help?
(all items placed on consignment will not be released prior to the 65 day consignment period without a 20% fee of the original listing price paid. We cannot be used as a storage facility until a better offer comes along to you direct. We certainly hope you understand.

The following are the percentages you will receive for your items on consignment:
40% on clothing, accessories, and home decor
50% on authentic high end purses and furniture we pick up from you.) That furniture must be worth our trip.
60% furniture you deliver to us

How Long Is Consignment Period, And What Happens At The End?
Consignment period is 65 days, ( some furniture upon approval can stay a little longer.) You must decide if you want to pick up your items or have them donated.
If you choose pick up, we will give you a date to return to retrieve your items. If you miss your date, we automatically pull old inventory within 2-5 days after your pick up date and automatically donate them. We must keep inventory rolling to make space for the many new items coming in each day.
Furniture usually gets reduced significantly after the 65 day period is up in order to get it sold and make room for new inventory. If it does not sell, we will give you a few days to come get it, or we will donate it along with home decor items to the salvation army. We can offer to return the item to you for a minimum fee of $50.
Clothing and accessories are donated to the shalom project, a free clothes closet affiliated with green street umc in winston-salem where the items are given to the needy.

Do you have a question we did not cover here?

Give us a call at 336-497-5290. We are happy to help you.